Agritourism activities
A direct contact with nature

For any season

For those who desire a more direct contact with nature and the Umbrian countryside, starting mid-September certain activities are take place, such as:
  • the GRAPE HARVEST beginning mid-September and lasting approximately 2/3 weeks
  • the OLIVE HARVEST beginning mid-October up to mid-November
You enter the vineyard equipped with a bucket and scissors, it is possible to participate with grape harvest and pressing and then the subsequent transformation into must and then wine; our red and sagrantino wines are excellent to savour with some delicious grilled meats.

Once the grape harvest is over, the activities restart with sheets and rakes to harvest olives, which are then used to produce our extra virgin olive oil, essential condiment for all our dishes. During the olive harvest period, the Frantoi Aperti (Open Oil Mills) event is a must see, with guided visits and tastings at the main oil mills.

But his is not all, for those that are early risers, it is possible to participate along with Antonio and Moretta (our dog with the unbeatable sense of smell) gathering Truffles that have matured in the sunny clearings of the Martani Mountains, hence there is truly something for everyone’s taste.



Five Star treatment

Alessandro - Napoli

The title is worth the entire review, you must visit this agritourism personally to ascertain the cordiality, knowledge, availability and kindness of the family that manages it, good job! RECOMMENDED


5 days of peace

Paola - Alzano Lombardo

We were guests at the end of August with our entire family (with 3 children) and Pimpa our little dog. We immediately felt at home. The place is gorgeous, in the middle of Umbrian hills, with a view that helps you feel in harmony with nature.


A fabulous weekend in Umbria

Andrea - Alessandria

These people are truly welcoming and available, and they will make you feel like part of their family. Meals are eaten with them, in front of the fireplace, with dishes that are all prepared to order according to the customs of Umbrian tradition.


A true agritourism

Giomarcia - Roma

I travel a lot and it had been a long time since I had found an agritourism that excels genuineness (in every way, the persons and the food)...Recommended!

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